School Group Program Registration

Welcome to School Ski Club Registration! This winter, any student associated with a school ski club can save at Montage Mountain by purchasing this $0 registration product. This product is not a ticket, but allow you to view discounted products through your school's ski club. Once accepted, school students will be able to shop, purchase, and reload discounted products online for the prices associated with their club advisor's account.


After review, each registration will be accepted or denied based on the following criteria:

-Individuals purchasing this product MUST be already registered with their school's Ski Club Program at Montage Mountain. 

-An account will be created during checkout. If being assisted by a parent or another individual, please ensure the account is in the ski club member's name. Please register each student individually. 

-To ensure the registration is accepted, please upload an image indicating proof of school enrollment during checkout (student ID, student number, report card, portal access, note from advisor, etc.). Registrations without an upload will be denied. The school name in the uploaded image must match the school club you are associated with. 


To Purchase Ski Club Products:

1. Purchase this product for $0 following the above criteria.

2. Allow up to 24 hours for your registration to be accepted. 

3. Log in to the Montage Mountain Webstore using your new student username and password. 

4. Shop products and add to your shopping cart while viewing this seasons discounted pricing

5. Contact your club advisor or email with any questions along the way. 

6. After your first visit, reload your new RFID card to skip the lines and save additional money on future visits!


All registrations will be strictly vetted and will be denied if all requirements are not met. Tickets purchased by individuals who do not meet requirements will be void, and refunds will not be issued.


Please direct any questions to your ski club advisor, email, or 570-969-7669 ext. 113. 

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